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I ran across this passage a few years ago and want to share it with you:

“ … A well-informed citizenry being essential to the betterment of our republic, the right of the people to own and use computers shall not be abridged." (proposed Amendment to the Constitution).

... While earlier ages gave real political and economic power to those who rode horses or wore armor or carried firearms, today, real power is wielded by those who can use a computer …”

Knowledge is power. The more knowledge a citizenry possesses about its representatives, the more political power they have over those who represent them. This is good and should be encouraged.

On June 4, I introduced my legislative office’s website: www.bobsoffice.org.

The intent of bobsoffice.org is to provide the public a clearer picture of me – Senator Robert Klitzkie (really, I prefer just “Bob”) – how I voted on legislation; what bills and floor amendments I have written; my political philosophy; how to contact my office; what opinions I have on the issues; and what has been written about me in the media (good and bad).

The public should have as much information about their senators as possible. How we think; how we voted and where we stand on issues are all legitimate questions. All of the answers should be readily available to anyone. My aim is that bobsoffice.org will answer many of the questions the public may have concerning this senator.

We’ll be adding more information to bobsoffice.org. Soon, my office’s financial records (budget and expenses) will go online. You may find this information interesting.

In the future, look for government statistics and video clips from legislative sessions.

You may also find of interest the left side of the front page. We’ve included links to the top daily headlines from the Pacific Daily News, KUAM and the Marianas Variety. And there is a link to K57 so you can listen to the radio over the internet. Along the bottom of the front page are top stories from the Associated Press.

I would like your assistance. Have I missed anything? What would you like to see on a website about your senator? I can’t promise that I’ll include it. But I can promise that I’ll seriously consider your idea and may call you to discuss your thoughts.

As I continue to work on the issues during the 27th Guam Legislature my political philosophy can best be described by the first bullet-point on the “About Bob’s Office” page. Take a look … (http://www.bobsoffice.org/aboutbobsoffice/). I know you’ll agree.

Thanks for your time and your support.


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