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Tuesday, October 17, 2006, Bob introduced Bill 375, the “CATS Act,” which if enacted into law would create the Certified Augmentation Teacher Service (CATS).

Public Law 28-45, the Every Child is Entitled to an Adequate Public Education Act, goes into full effect on October 1, 2007. The Guam Public School System is mandated to fill positions in the school system as defined in 17 G.C.A. § 715 Item 12. (a) through (e) and (k):


Bill 375 CATS Act

Read Bill 000: [MSWord (as introduced)]

Status of Bill 000: Introduced Tuesday, October 17, 2006

(a) a certified teacher for every class in a ratio established by relevant collective bargaining agreements;
(b) certified professional administrators;
(c) certified guidance counselors;
(d) certified school health counselors;
(e) certified allied health professionals; and
(k) libraries, which meet the standards of the American Association of School Librarians, at each school, operated by certified librarians.

With the passage of P.L. 28-45, it is essential that certified personnel are employed in the schools to comply with the Every Child Act. The “CATS Act” structures, broadens, refines and makes temporary the current practice of allowing retired employees to return to duty and receive their school system salary and retirement annuity. CATS coordinates the rehiring of retirees with personnel augmentation necessary to comply with the tenets of the Every Child Act.

In order to fill the positions by way of the “CATS Act,” the Superintendent of Education issues and posts on the school system website a “Certificate of Necessity,” stating that filling the vacant position with a CAT is necessary in order to comply with the Every Child Act.

To be eligible for CATS status, a former school system employee would have had to resign or retire in good standing from a position defined in 17 G.C.A. § 715 Item 12. (a) through (e) and (k) while the public schools were in annual summer recess, with thirty (30) days notice and hold a current certification for the position. Those who retired prior to the effective date of the CATS Act are also eligible.

In order to provide transparency, the Superintendent establishes, keeps current and posts on the school system website a roster of all positions required by the Every Child Act to be filled by a Certified Employee as that term is defined by Title 17 G.C.A. § 715 Item 13. The roster indicates which positions are vacant, which positions are filled with Certified Employees, which positions are filled with CATS and the Certificate of Necessity for each CAT.

In order to provide for new employees, when a Certified Applicant is available to fill a position occupied by a CAT, the Superintendent immediately replaces the CAT with a Certified Applicant.

In order to provide incentive to the public school system to recruit adequate numbers of new teachers, the “CATS Act” expires on July 1, 2010.





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