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Status of Bill 14: Referred to Committee on Judiciary, Governmental Operations and Reform, Wednesday, January 5, 2005.

More on Bill 14:

On January 3, 2005, I introduced Bill 14 - the Government Priorities Act of 2005.

This legislation removes existing impediments to government reorganization and gives the Governor the necessary tools to do what is needed right now. Currently, the laws on the books are anti-privatization and anti-reform. The Government Priorities Act authorizes the Governor to implement reorganization by executive order.

The executive orders must be consistent with the merit system, provide the public the right to be heard, due process of law and right of representation under PEMRA, where applicable.

The legislation recognizes the importance of the education of our youth, the health of the people and ensuring public safety. These three areas are the most important functions of the executive branch of the government of Guam. These functions must be accomplished even if, in these times of scarce resources, some other activities of government must be greatly reduced or eliminated all together.

The Government Priorities Act of 2005 provides the means to accomplish this prioritization to include outsourcing, privatization, abolition of agencies, absorption of functions, reduction in force and transfer of appropriations. Bob said that the aim of the bill is to provide a smaller, more
affordable government which, if nothing else, adequately provides for education,
health and public safety.



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