News Report
Oct. 21, 2003

Elsewhere with only a handful of people remaining at the legislature after the hearing for Bills 166 and 169 before the Committee on Education, Sen. Bob Klitzkie’s Bill 162 the Every Child is Entitled to an Adequate Public Education Act took center stage with the majority of testimony favoring the bill. However, Guam Federation of Teachers Representative Matt Rector suggested including a provision that the bill also make school health counselors present at school be mandatory.

Meanwhile, Inarajan Middle School teacher Robert Foley described his position toward the bill as “ambivalent.” Specifically, how are making items like toilet paper in the bathroom necessary to an adequate education. Rather he suggested making students focus on democracy and how to live life as a civil citizen in society. Sen. Klitzkie reminds the community the bill is not limited to a public hearing and he welcomes additional comments.



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