Legislation introduced to reorganize Guam Election Commission

By David Macaluso
PNC Staff Reporter

5:35pm Senator Robert Klitzkie has introduced a bill that may straighten out some of the problems that the Guam Election Commission has experienced over the past few elections.

The new bill would restructure the GEC by creating the Administrator of Elections and the Bureau of Elections. The Administrator of Elections, which is the same position as the GEC Executive Director, would be a classified position.

The administration would have responsibility over the election process and be in charge of the Bureau of Elections. The bureau, in turn, would take over the operational and clerical responsibilities for the elections, which is what the GEC staff does now.

The bureau would also create a Board of Canvass and Appeals, which would not take part in the day-to-day operations of the election process. The Canvas and Appeals Board would hear appeals, proclaim rules and certify elections and other matters. Klitzkie feels accountability is the key for these new job titles.

Meanwhile, GEC Director Gerry Taitano agrees that the election process is need of some changes. Taitano said his staff is pleased with this bill because it would make their positions classified and that means there’s more protection for their employment.

PNC News
November 14, 2006



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