Klitzkie bill touts executive order-driven reorganization

by Ken Wetmore, KUAM News
Monday, January 10, 2005

Reorganization by executive order is what Senator Robert Klitzkie's Bill 14 would allow. The measure gives the Governor broad powers when it comes to reorganization - all with only an executive order. Bill 14 does say the Governor would have to hold at least one public hearing on the proposed reorganization but he would not have to get consent from the Legislature or the Civil Service Commission.

Senator Klitzkie heads the Committee on Reorganization in the 28th legislature and Bill 14 was originally submitted in the 27th Legislature. The senator told KUAM News, "That bill was introduced in June 8th of 2003 - the times were a little different than they are now, perhaps the bill does go farther than it needs to go. I've talked to some of my colleagues, we'll give it a public hearing, which it never had during the 27th Guam Legislature, take some input from the public hearing, we make have to amend the bill or do a substitute version to tailor it to the situation we have now."

Even some of Senator Klitzkie's fellow Republicans think the bill goes too far, one of them being Speaker Mark Forbes. "There's a lot that's in the bill that's very good," said the Speaker. "A lot of the impediments that he wants to remove to reorganizing are good things and the essence of the bill is very positive. I do think personally its going to require some amendment, especially the manner in which basically he has reorganization occurring by executive order - I think it's a little bit more complex than that," he said.

A public hearing on Bill 14 has not yet been scheduled.

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