Klitzkie says fellow senator Cunliffe serving as lawmaker/lawyer isn’t an issue

by Ken Wetmore, KUAM News
Friday, February 20, 2004

The Legislature's “other” attorney responded to a request from KUAM News for comment on Senator Randy Cunliffe's dual role as legislator and active defense attorney. While Senator Robert Klitzkie is a licensed attorney, he says he does not have a legal practice, nor has he since 1985.

The freshman Republican senator, however, was not critical of his democrat colleague. “So long as Senator Cunliffe is doing his job, that's what he's elected to do,” commented Klitzkie. He also pointed out that attorneys must follow a code of conduct or risk losing their license to practice law.

When asked if Senator Cunliffe could be an active defense attorney and still do a good job in the Legislature, he responded with, “He's been present for most of the sessions, he seems to be well informed when he's at the session, he runs the committee on the Judiciary and Transportation [committees] in a pretty workman like fashion.” When then asked if he thought his legislative colleague should resign, Senator Klitzkie said, “Whether Senator Cunliffe is doing his job or not is something the voters really have to decide, or Senator Cunliffe has to decide.”

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