Marines testify at public hearing

K57 News Report
Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Mana Silva: “Numerous Marines, retired and active submitted oral testimony this morning at the public hearing set for the renaming of Marine Drive to Marine Corps Drive. Trina SanAgustin was at the hearing this morning and files this report.”

Trina SanAgustin: “Visitors to the island along with island residents have always assumed that the name of the island’s main thoroughfare, Marine Drive, was named for its close proximity to the ocean. Even co-sponsor of Bill 214, Sen. Carman Fernandez, thought that was the reason for the name.”

Sen. Fernandez: “I have to confess that I’m one of those that thought that Marine Drive was named because of the beautiful view.”

Trina SanAgustin: “But in actuality, Marine Drive was dedicated to the United States Marines who liberated Guam from the Japanese 60 years ago in 1944. The meaning behind designating Marine Drive has been lost through the generations. And Fernandez says this is something that needs to be done so that the men who fought for our freedom may be recognized.”

Sen. Fernandez: “I thought it was worth pursuing. I’m very, very dedicated to this and strongly supportive of it. And after listening to all of the testimony today, it just strengthens my position that this is something we really need to do.”

Trina SanAgustin: “If this measure is passed into law a rededication ceremony of Marine Drive to Marine Corps Drive will be held on the 60th Anniversary of Guam’s liberation, July 21, 2004. For News Talk K57, I’m Trina SanAgustin.”

Man Silva: “The author of Bill 214 is Sen. Bob Klitzkie.”



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