News Report
Dec. 10, 2003

To keep up with elected boards and commissions, Sen. Bob Klitzkie has introduced Bill 233 to make sure the newly created elected boards and commissions and future elected boards and commissions are subject to public access. Sen. Klitzkie notes that previous legislation will need to be amended so elected board members and commissioners are subject to the same open government laws covering boards and commissions confirmed by the governor and the legislature.

“My amendment just adds the words ‘any of’ and ‘elected’ in the right places so that the definition reads: “public agency includes any board, commission or comparable unit of government any of whose members are elected, appointed by the governor, etc … So when the law was … first enacted we didn’t have elected boards or commissions. So it only went to appointed by the governor or appointed by the legislature. Now that we do, we just need to add in that word elected,” said Klitzkie.



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