News Report
Dec. 10, 2003

A measure has also been introduced that looks to update Guam’s Open Government Law relative to commissions and boards. Bill 233 introduced by Sen. Bob Klitzkie and co-sponsored by his 14 colleagues would add elected boards and commissions to the open government law which only now includes appointed ones.

Said Klitzkie, “I’ve been a proponent of the open government law for a long, long time and I think that it is important that we pay attention to these things to make our government more open and transparent as we possibly can. So I’m really happy that the other 14 senators signed onto Bill 233.”

Most notably, Klitzkie’s legislation will update the open government law to make it applicable to the Guam Education Policy Board and Consolidated Commission on Utilities. Klitzkie said the incident involving a meeting among certain education policy board members was the driving force behind this measure.



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