Governor signs order to rename Marine Drive to "Marine Corps Drive"

by Marissa Eusebio, KUAM News
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

After going the extra mile in ensuring the Legislature got his message that Marine Drive should be renamed Marine Corps Drive, retired US Marine Jon Gerber should be happy today as the Governor signed an executive in order in Hagatna to designate Guam's main thoroughfare as Marine Corps Drive.

Nancy Leon Guerrero, a survivor of the Japanese occupation, was there when the Marines liberated Guam in 1944, and was present at today's signing ceremony by Governor Felix Camacho. "It means a lot to me because we were coming out of the jungle and all in rags and tatters and here was this great big Marine. I was about six-and-a-half and he put me on his shoulders and carried me out and took care of my family. That's why even though I never enlisted, I'm a Marine forever and so whatever the Marines want, the Marines get," she told KUAM News, beaming.

Legislation to rename the Marine Drive to Marine Corps Drive has already had a public hearing, but has continued to sit on the Legislature's Rules Committee.

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